Chess Books Free Download
Below is a list of chess books available for download. They are free and are mostly in Zip format which will unpack into PDV or DjVu files. You will need a Zip programme as well as a PDF or DjVu Reader to access these. If you do not have one, check under Resources - Software. They are available for download there.

Many of these are classics such as Steinitz's "The Modern Chess Instructor" which dates back to 1889. Hardly modern anymore but nevertheless good reading for the player who wishes to take his or her game to higher levels.

An important note regarding older books, is that since their release, there has sometimes been more analysis, for instance on an opening and you will need to read through our article base to get a more modern perspective on certain issues. They are extremely valuable however as many lines were still simple in their approach and  reading these older books can give one a simpler, clearer grasp surrounding a certain approach or tactic.

As always - Please remember to give us any feedback on the use of these books and if you have any to contribute to the database, please let us know.

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Description File Type
200 Chess Problems - Healey
Zip Dowload game Icon
200 PerplexingChess Puzzles - Martin Greif
Zip Dowload game Icon
700 Opening Traps - Bill Wall
Zip Dowload game Icon
Art of the Middle Game - Keres and Kotov
Zip Dowload game Icon
Chess - RF Foster
Zip Dowload game Icon
Chess Openings - Robert Wormald
Zip Dowload game Icon
Chess Problems - W Lewis
Zip Dowload game Icon
Crumbs from the Chessboard - C Gilbert
Zip Dowload game Icon
75 Chess Problems - John Thursby
PDF Dowload game Icon
Analysis of the Game of Chess - Philidor
Zip Dowload game Icon
Chess Strategetics - Franklin Young
Zip Dowload game Icon
The Chess Players Handbook - Howard Staunton
Zip Dowload game Icon
The Modern Chess Instructor - Steinitz
Zip Dowload game Icon
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