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We have set out upon a bold venture with what we have dubbed the Ulti-Mate Curriculum, to create an original, creative and extremely  “user friendly” way of learning the game of chess! While acquiring knowledge of the rules, basic fundamentals, as well as advanced strategies and tactics –beginners, intermediate as well as fairly advanced players – as well as coaches will hopefully enjoy working through these lessons.
It is designed both to have comprehensive content as well as a teaching methodology, that can be used at both schools and clubs thereby creating a knowledge and learning environment within a community or region that is inter connected.
Of most importance is this – the curriculum is a living document – constantly being assessed by both the developers as well as the user community – changes and additions being made where necessary, and everyone contributing for the overall benefit of all.
As it unfolds and begins to be broadly used, you are encouraged to comment both positive and negative. Any materials you feel need to be added? Please contribute. In this manner, the curriculum becomes what we truly intend it to be – a powerful tool for the chess community - by the chess community.

Although not very many, there are a variety of courses available, generally short and targeted at a specific group normally based on chess expertise. There are also of course a plethora of books covering almost every subject related to chess. Again, based on a particular approach and narrowly targeted in terms of the learner or reader.
In between these bulkier contributions, lay the endless source of articles, puzzles and general contributions toward a person learning the game.
Nowhere however was a structured and seamless set of lessons that one could follow and that integrated all levels of progressive with all required learning areas, in a progressive and co-ordinated ,manner.
So Ulti-Mate is not just another course, but an ground breaking product and endeavour at a curriculum that can be adopted at every level by any chess institution, be it school, club or otherwise as a means of developing the skills of player members.
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