Royal Guard Chess Foundation

The goal of this initiative is to establish a network of clubs and players regionally and nationally, that are willing to adopt a philosophy of sharing for the improvement of the sport as a whole.

Each member of the network will subscribe to a code of ethics and practice and will constantly provide into a pool of resources, training materials, knowledge and other resources including funds, they might have, that can distributed to all and in particularly, to those wanting to start new clubs.

Already we can offer to new clubs (and existing) the following :
1) Legally compliant constitution that meets SARS and NPO registration requirements
2) Full set of club documents such as rules, membership forms etc
3) Free logo design
4) Free website creation and hosting for one year
5) Registration on Chessa Website
6) Registration as NPO with government departments and SARS for fundraising purposes
7) Free Software required for club management - downloadable from this site

To get involved or find our more information contact us.
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