Royal Guard Chess Foundation
Welcome to the Royal Guard Chess Foundation page. Once you have seen what we are doing we are sure you will be as excited as we are.

The foundation was born out of a community philosophy that dictates that where there is a need, our duty is to fulfill that need to our best ability. As such, the foundation focuses on four keys areas surrounding chess and its development. These are refelected seperately below.

Additionally, it was seen as necessary to establish a seperate entity for the running of outside programmes so that the club leadership could focus on its own members. Any club community intervention is then effectively run through the foundation. This also allows for better transparency on use of funds.

See our Vision Statement here. To get involved or find our more information contact us.
CHESS COACHING CURRICULUMThroughout SA and indeed the world, coaching in Chess is done in a haphazard manner. Schools, Clubs, Unions and Private Coaches, all using seperate materials, focusing on different areas and in all cases, there is no cohesion in materials. This leaves the student in a position of not finding continuity in lessons and learning fragments of knowledge that often do not form a complete picture. The need for a high quality, developmental curriculum was obvious. Read more.
CHESS COACH TRAININGChess is the only mass participatory sport in South African school,where coaches need no qualification other than being able to play chess. Compare that for instance to rugby where teachers have to undergo specialised coahing training before undertaking the task. Even FIDE rated coaches are simply players at different skill levels who understand the rules of the game. There is a clear need to provide training for coaches in the fields of curriculum development, presentation skills and other training proficiencies. More here
CHESS RESOURCE NETWORKClubs and players alike, when starting out are left in the dark generally about what to do, what to use and how to go about getting it. Many times the wheel is re-invented rather than drawing from other resources and best practice knowledge. For instance, why not supply new clubs with standard constitutions, rules and other documents that comply with all requirements? Why not build a database of free software they could use? See what we have done here
CHESS CLUB MANAGEMENTAs brilliant mechanics do not always run successful vehicle repair businesses, so too do good chess players not always run good clubs. There are skill sets neccessary to manage any non profit organisation and in most cases, these are lacking, resulting in clubs closing or never opening. We are developing a training programme for club management providing them with neccessary expertise in for instance media, community intervention and fundraising. Read more

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