Royal Guard Chess Foundation Membership
Below is our membership policy and fee structure.

Membership Policy
In terms of the Constitution, Membership of the club is open to all and If a Membership subscription is unpaid one month after renewal falls due the Membership shall terminate.
Further Rules applicable :
1.1 Membership is only finalised upon receipt of required fees and is subject to approval by the Executive Committee
1.2  Membership shall run from the 1st day of March each year till the last day of February
1.3  Members by signing the application agree to be bound by the Constitution, Code of Conduct and various rules of the club, including disciplinary procedures
1.4  In becoming a member, such persons agree that their name may be placed on the club website and other necessary club materials
1.5  Applications for membership approved by the committee more than six calendar months from the start of that membership year shall be reduced to half the full yearly rate. This facility will not be afforded to persons who were members of the Club in the preceding membership year.
1.6 Continuing membership within the same membership category will not require committee approval if it is renewed within the time allowed by the Constitution or these Rules. Changes of membership category will however require committee approval.
1.7  In determination of age category, if applicable to membership, FIDE rules shall apply
1.8  Playing members shall be registered with CHESSA
1.9  Paying visitors to the Club may be admitted upon payment of a daily or weekly fee set by the Committee from time to time.

Other Considerations
a) Membership fees are payable annually and may be payable in instalments, provided that annual membership fees are paid in full by end November in each year.
b) The Executive Committee has the authority to grant discounts to persons requiring it - If finances are a problem just let us know - we would rather have members paying reduced fees than not participating at all.

For direct payments please get our banking details here

Playing Member Adult Above age 20 R600
Playing Member Junior Under age 20 R400
Playing Member Retired Over age 60 R200
Playing Member Student Registered student and post school education institution R200
Parent Member Parents Non playing parent of a child under 20 that is a member R100
School Member School Rep One designated representative from each affiliated school R200
Country Member - Full All Members not locally resident - but wish to fully participate and be eligible for team selection R400
Country Member - Associate All Members not locally resident - but only wish to participate and have access to resources R200
Honourary Member All Free membership for those who have provided excellent service to the club Nil
Supporter Member All Free membership to non playing members who have provided substantial support to the club, financially or otherwise Nil
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