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There are two choices for us as a club and members individually and we need to decide which route is the wiser and more beneficial one to take. Please look at the options, give it some thought and let us know how you feel.

Option 1 - We run our own web based server on which members and visitors alike can sign up and play online. The positive to this option is obvioulsy the pride of being one of the very few clubs worldwide to run their own on line playing portal.

The negative is that even if well all use it, we still need many others to sign up in order to have a strong pool of players online at any time, otherwise we are simply playing between each other and not being challenged by other stronger players.

Option 2 - We decide between existing online chess servers and come to some consensus about which we will join and play in. There is a list below of reccommended sites in order of preference. Please join those you wish to so that we can get some commentary on each one.

The positives of this option is that any one of these existing servers already have thousands of members and we can therefore play against others across the world at various rating levels. And this is primarliy the reason for playing online - to learn, learn and learn some more.

Additionally, some of these will allow us to establish a team or club within their site.
SOME EXISTING ONLINE OPTIONS Click on name to go there

Play opponents online real time, correspondence chess or play against the computer. Simple and clean interface. Nice collection of puzzles and training tools available as well. Regular tournaments to take part in as well. Keeps record of your stats
Does have a few grand masters gracing the ranks but as mentioned elsewhere, this does not mean anything to the average player who just needs a good collection of strong opponents to playagainst.
Free with possibility to upgrade to premium facilities
FICS (Free internet chess server) has over 300 000 members and is one of the oldest online servers around.
Play opponents online in real time – no correspondence chess and no machine to play against.
One great feature is the opportunity to submit a game to the senior players for review and assessment. Regular tournaments to take part in as well. Keeps record of your stats.
One issue which might be a bit off putting for certain members is that the server needs you to load a separate interface to interact with them. Very easy to do and our recommendation is Baba’s Chess, which is available for download from this site.
Wide range of players available ranging from 2000 plus to beginners.
Free - NO fees ever.
Variety of game formats playable against realtime opponents or against computer. Nice interface which allows you to add a pic and other personal information. Some tactics training puzzles as well.
Wide range of players available ranging from 2000 plus to beginners and regular tournaments on offer.
Nice section on opening variations for beginners and intermediate
Keeps record of games history
Free with possibility to upgrade to full set of features
Play opponents online real time or play correspondence chess. Non paying members restricted to 3 games every 24 hours. Chess trainer available – restricted version for non payers. Large database of games available.. Also a few videos available but nothing that couldn’t be viewed direct off You Tube.
Regular tournaments to take part in as well
No grand masters hanging around but what does that mean to the average player anyway – we’re just looking for good players to engage with. Players ratings range from early 2000’s all the way down with about 5% in the 2000 plus bracket. Keep record of all your stats
Free with possibility to upgrade to premium facilities

There are others out there, some also offering free sections and some that are only accessible by payment. The above however are probably the best options for the average player. If you do have another recommendation we would love to hear from you

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