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The vision of the club is to promote and foster the game of Chess as a sport, educational and recreational activity, by being the most successful club in our region, but also remaining aware of our role toward the braoder chess comunity.

To this end we will
  • Foster a spirit of transparency and accountability within the club, allowing members full participation, access to maximum decision making and a sense of ownership rather than just belonging
  • Develop our leaders, officials and coaches to high standards so that members are assured of the best service and training available
  • Development of training materials and a training programme proving our members with the best materialsand structures possible
  • Organisation of regular meetings and tournaments so as to provide members a broad opportunity to participate in the sport at various levels
  • Represent, advance and promote our members wherever and however possible
  • Maintain a healthy social and fun aspect to the club
  • So that our members can KNOW MORE, BE MORE, DO MORE
And in relation to others
  • Make our developed materials available to the broader chess community
  • Assist with intruducing and teaching of chess at schools
  • Promotion of chess as an integral part of school curricula
  • Development of chess as a disabled sport
  • Development of chess within previously disadvantaged groups
  • Formation of other associations, chess academies or other bodies to promote Chess
  • Actively engage the media to assist in the promotion of chess
  • To support and maintain initiatives & programmes adopted by Regional Bodies, CHESSA and  F.I.D.E